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Family Promise of Hudson County 3rd Anniversary Event

Your support is needed to keep Hudson County families in their homes!

I know many of you are hearing the overwhelming news about the growing threat of evictions across our country, including right here in Hudson County, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Families who have been laid off from their jobs and are facing financial insecurity are also facing a potential eviction at this very moment. These families have done everything they can to pay their rent, but are still falling short, because eviction moratoriums do not keep the arrears from piling up. And when the rent moratorium is lifted, they will be evicted, facing the inevitable of doubling or tripling-up with relatives or friends or the doom of being placed in a homeless shelter.

In celebration of our 3rd anniversary of serving the families of Hudson County, Family Promise of Hudson County will be launching our new Homeless Prevention Program, which will provide short-term rental assistance and long-term case management to families before eviction takes place. We invite you to be one of the first supporters of this urgent new program, which will help keep 20 Hudson County families in their homes, by donating today.

Charitable giving is an integral part of the hope for things to come. This is especially true in the case of Family Promise, where you believed in this so strongly that you were donating money and goods, or even volunteering your time, to help operate our program pre-Covid-19.

At Family Promise of Hudson County, we are working around the clock caring for families in our shelter, stabilizing families as they exit shelter, and striving very hard to keep as many families in their homes as possible through homeless prevention. 

Because we at Family Promise of Hudson County are dedicated to supporting families facing eviction and families who are at risk of being evicted, we need your financial support to help keep a family from becoming another homeless statistic.

Your donation is a critical component of our Homeless Prevention Program. Please donate today to support our Covid-19 Homeless Prevention Program, because together WE can make a difference.

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On behalf of Family Promise and the families facing eviction, thank you in advance for your support.

PS – To learn more about the urgent housing issue due to the pandemic, you can read this recent New York Times article in which the Chief Executive of Family Promise is quoted.


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