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Executive Director at Family Promise of Hudson County
Hours: Part-Time
Compensation: $25/hour
Hours: 25 hours/week

Organization Summary: Family Promise of Hudson County is an affiliate of the larger Family Promise national organization. Family Promise is a non-profit shelter for homeless families from Hudson County, New Jersey.

Family Promise provides temporary shelter, case management and a connection to local resources to eleven individuals (three-five families) as they search for sustainable and successful housing.

Position Summary: The Executive Director will report to the Family Promise of Hudson County Board of Directors. The position is multi-faceted and is composed of the following:

Host Congregation Relations

  • Coordinating the hosting schedule
  • Training of host congregation volunteers prior to each congregation’s first hosting week.
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with all host congregations to ensure that the needs of the guests are being met.
  • Managing the Volunteer Coordinators at each host congregation
  • Recruit new host and support congregations to expand the network’s ability to serve families

Community Relations

  • Serving as the key contact for Family Promise of Hudson County to the community, media, volunteers, hosting congregation and guests
  • Seek opportunities to civic, religious and other groups about the organization
  • Networking with outside agencies and organizations to develop strategies relationships that will be mutually beneficial


  • Managing the operating budget, including regular financial reporting to the Board of Directors.
  • Managing operations at the Day Center, including transportation services, guest programs and overall administrative functions required in a small business
  • Act as staff representative to the Board of Directors at all Board meetings.


  • Ensuring that staffing levels are adequate; and staff and volunteers are well-trained
  • Managing paid staff and volunteers, including setting goals, motivation, performance evaluations, hiring, discipline and terminations
  • Monitoring staffing levels and duties and adjusting as needed to ensure operational stability


  • Ensuring that Family Promise of Hudson County is meeting all requirements for financial, regulatory and legal compliance
  • Maintaining impeccable records that can be used for grant writing and for reporting to the Board of Directors


  • Three or more years of applicable work experience, preferably in a related field
  • Strong organization management/business management skills. Experience in managing a small business or non-profit is highly desirable
  • Strong interpersonal skills. The Executive Director must be able to effectively relate and to communicate with people who have vastly different backgrounds
  • Strong financial management experience. Candidate must have an understanding of operating budgets, payroll, expense reporting, tax reporting and financial record keeping
  • Strategic planning experience. The Executive Director must be able to take the organization from infancy and continue to grow it and to provide a strategic plan for long-term sustainability
  • The Executive Director should have a proven track record of raising funds through grant writing and community fundraising events.
  • Above all, the Executive Director must have a genuine desire to help people experiencing homelessness

The following skills and experience are desirable:

  • Graduate degree in Social Work or a related field
  • Volunteer recruiting and management experience

Application Process

Interested Candidates should submit resume, cover letter and three references to Tiffany Kane at familypromisehudsonco@gmail.com.